Bursting some common PokerQQ myths that are still believed

PokerQQ is ruling the online game world since 1998. The game is an exciting rollercoaster that serves with the player with happiness, elation, dismal and risky moments. The game includes a number of favorable situations that depend on the experience, confidence, knowledge, and skills an individual would require. Undoubtedly, different players have different views and concepts regarding the game, there are still some misconceptions regarding the game.

Today let’s burst out some of the common misconceptions regarding the game and separate the fiction and facts.

Myth: Any successful player is naturally gifted with victory for the game

Fact: There are many people who believe that the successful players of the game are naturally gifted with capabilities and luck. They also believe that the people who are experts in mathematics, taking correct decisions and understanding the body language are the ones who would succeed in the game. However, the truth is that the skills of ruling the game are developed slowly as you play the game with proper training and practice. So, if you want to rule the game, concentrate on improving your skills.


Myth: Poker is only a game and not a sport

Fact: For many people, PokerQQ stands in the list of non-sport games with zero physical action included. However, the fact is that this game stands in the list of intellectual games similar to chess. The game includes skills like analytical skills, observations, discipline, mental stamina, decision-making, etc. Similar to other intellectual games, there are various tournaments for poker too where the champions of the game clash with each other.

Myth: The best strategy of winning the game is bluffing

Fact: If you are thinking to bluff the game, your success depends on the skills of the opponent and the knowledge of the game he has. If the opponent is a fresher for the game, your bluffing skills are sure to fail. The good players are sure to fold the game most of the times, but the freshers wouldn’t leave the game, which increases the chances of failure as they wouldn’t leave their game in front of your aggressive betting. Hence, rather than depending on bluffing, better play the game normally.

There are many people who think luck is vital in this gambling game. What do you think regarding luck after breaking all these misconceptions? Do write to us your comments.