Beginner guide to play poker

What is poker? Poker is a game of betting that usually deals with card sets and their value. There are a lot of varieties of poker. Most of them include a player guessing the values of other’s cards and making a bet on Poker that his card set holds higher value and then making a bet on that.

How to choose the right online poker website?

There are a lot of poker websites offering tons of deals to lure you into using them. But you must find the right poker websites that have a good gaming experience and also trusted software. If you are a beginner, you should definitely check out some online forums in which advanced players give the newbie essential information to not be conned by rogue casinos.

You do not need to spend a lot of time playing situs judi online earning a few cents an hour. It is not worth the time and your effort. After you get a hang of the game, try to jump to real money poker websites as soon as possible. Don’t hang on to practice websites with the fear of losing money. Just start with lower deposits on real money websites. This is the best way to learn instead of spending hours on Poker and ending up with a few cents.

Minimum deposits and big wins


Beginners usually consider making smaller deposits instead of big ones. This might be because of a number of reasons. They might be doubtful whether the website they have chosen can be trusted with a lot of money, they might be worried that they would lose all of the deposited money or they might just be in a search for a good website. To help these beginners put, a lot of online poker websites allow deposits as low as 5 USD. This is really helpful for beginners as they can slowly make a transition from smaller values to much bigger deposits without a lot of risk.

Poker websites, too, provide this chance to beginners so that they can gain their trust and see that they come back to their website again. Apart from such minimum deposits, online poker websites also give new players some freebies and great introductory offers. When you return to the same website later on, you will have loyalty programs with the benefit of which you can invest more money and slowly increase you real money income to thousands of dollars. Also sometimes, you need not just go by the name of the poker website. As you get a little experience, try to find some smaller sites that can be trusted. This is because smaller poker websites offer better discounts and deals to up their user count. Take advantage of it!

Another really important rule of thumb is to keep a track on your results. Poker websites offer a ton of games. If you are playing for fun, you can play any game you like. But if you are playing to seriously earn, look for games that are earning you more money.

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