Basic Poker Rules: Here’s How To Play It Right!

In poker, whether online or live, starting with the basics is one of the most important things that a beginner should do. And there are so many things that a player should know about the rules of online poker. Don’t worry, these rules as not as hard to learn as everybody thinks them to be. So to make this easier for you, here are the rules that you need to learn and understand.

Understand The Rules

Poker is the general name given to a variety of card games that you can find online. In these games, the players’ hands are ranked based on the cards available. Since there are different types of poker games, know that they may also have a difference in the number of cards dealt, the ranking guidelines, betting procedures, as well as the number of shared and hidden cards. Betting rounds may also differ.


  • Game Types to Consider. As mentioned, there are do many types of online poker game variations. But the most popular these days is Texas Hold’em. Always take note that these games may all be categorized as ‘poker’ but each of them has different rules to follow.
  • The Betting Rounds. Once the initial cards are dealt, the players need to act in return. Moves are done clockwise around the table. You can only do one but here are the different moves to make for this current round:
  • Check. Do this when there is no bet for this round.
  • Bet. When no other players made a bet.
  • Fold. Player decides to forfeit the cards and will not be given a chance to win or act again.
  • Done when other players made a bet. The player who ‘calls’ need to make the match the highest bet.
  • Can be moved if other players made a bet for the round. The player needs to match the highest bet made then make a succeeding bet.
  • The Showdown. This part happens when the last bet or raise is called during the final betting round. The remaining active players will then have to ‘declare’ their hands. The player with the highest-ranking hand will be declared the winner.
  • Who Wins the Game? A player wins the game if they are the ones who hold the best hand ranking once all the cards are shown during the “showdown.” The winner can also be the player that makes the last uncalled bet.

The rules of online poker are not that difficult to learn and understand. So before you start playing at, make sure that you have a good grip of what the basic rules are as well as the gameplay of online poker.