The games played in online casinos

In the casino houses a number of gambling games are played, almost all of which have been accommodated in the casino online casino sites. The online casino games are broadly of two types. In one type the players are required to download the software which is provided by the online casino site in their computer. This option is a good one as the games can be played at a fast pace. Also there is no risk of virus attack on your computer. The second type of games is played directly with the online casino site interface. Here you can enjoy close to the real time effect. It is possible for you to interact with the dealer also. But the speed of the games is slow. Also you have the risk of virus attack to your computer as it is directly connected to the web.

The varieties of games played in online casino sites

There can be many games in the casino online sites, but the major ones are blackjack, poker, roulette, slotting machine and craps. The most popular among the games is roulette which is the reason why the game is shown in most of the Hollywood films while depicting the casino. The roulette wheel is the main center attraction in the game which can rotate about its center. The game of roulette has a number of rules which are to be clearly understood before starting the play as the rules are strictly followed in the game of roulette. There are a number of balls in the periphery of the wheel. When the wheel is rotated the balls roll along the periphery. As the speed reduces due to friction the balls start rolling towards the center of the wheel where numbered pockets are there. The balls get collected in the pockets. The players wager on the number or combination of numbers.

Poker is also a very popular game and is played by using cards. Four suits of cards each having 52 cards are used. It falls under the category of table games and is played among two to ten players. This game is generally played by wagering money. The online poker almost simulates the brick and mortar variety of the game. The only difference is that the players are not able to see the reactions of their opponents.

The next most popular among the casino games is the slotting machine. The machines are operated by coins. The game uses matching symbols which are obtained in the mechanical reels. The video screens are also utilized.