The Game Of Craps: A Basic Guide

The game of craps is a historic dice game created as a simplified version of the English game known as Hazard. A lot of people across the globe play this in casinos both land-based and online. The rules of this game may seem complicated for beginners. That is why only a few beginners enjoy this game on their first try. Craps is actually a simple game of chance you can enjoy once you understand the rules and the gameplay.

The basics

This game uses two dice and a Craps table. Also known as bank or casino craps in other casinos, this game is between the dealer and the player or players. There can be up to twenty players playing at the same time. The goal of the game is to predict the outcome of the total value of the two thrown dice.

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The Craps table

Players place their bets on this table with a unique design and layout. There are several areas for betting. Two dealers at both sides of the table take bets from players at land-based casinos. Two or more attendants are on stand-by around the Craps table.

The gameplay

The player bets against the dealer by placing a casino check on the table in rounds of betting. The shooter or the betting player puts the least bet on the “Don’t Pass Line” or the “Pass Line.” The Pass Line or “Wins Bets” is a bet for the shooter to win. The Don’t Pass LIne or “Don’t Win Bets” is a bet for the shooter to lose.

The shooter then chooses two dice and throws them. He or she can only hold the dice with one hand. The dice should hit the walls at the opposite side of the Craps table when thrown. The number rolled is what you call as the Point. This starts the first round of betting and players take turns to roll the dice. The betting action moves clockwise around the table.

Although this is one of the simplest games, you should be familiar with the betting options before you start to play. The odds of winning at this game depend on the type of bet you place. It can be frustrating when you do not understand the game but you can master it if you play often. You can visit several online casinos, like BK, to get used to the rules and the gameplay.