Roulette is an online casino game that is a very interesting and luck based game. One can easily play and win money by installing the mega888 download. Nowadays online casino got more popularity among that roulette is one such game.

Roulette table contains 3 horizontal rows and 12 vertical rows colour coded with alternative red and black. In those boxes numbers from 0 to 36 arranged randomly. These boxes are divided into three parts like 1st 12 2nd 12 and 3rd 12. On the left side of the table number zero is placed separately as the winning amount is more when we predicted correctly. On the right side of the boxes, we can see the 2:1 ratio. Bottom of the table we can see options like 1-18, even, two colour boxes one with red and other green,19-36. Down to those boxes there are + and – symbols which are used to increase or decrease the bet amount. On the right corner of the table two more options displaying special bet and re bet options. There is a pause button and menu bar provided in the left side of the table. At the end of the table right side there is a display of bet amount in the right down side and amount of winning in the left down side of the table. There is a timer displayed at the upper left corner of the table and the number that is revealed after every roll is displayed in the upper left corner of the table. On the upper right side there is a display of minimum bet amount and maximum bet amount just beside to it. The roulette wheel contains alternative red and black colours with randomly arranged numbers from 0 to 36. Reset button is provided to change the bet amount.


Though there are many numbers displaying on the board it is very easy to play and win once we understood the game rules. There are two types of bets in the roulette game one is inside bet and the other is outside bet. Inside bet means anything within the table ranges from 1-36 and anything above 36 is the outside bet. The player can place bets on which colour will the ball rolls and can predict the exact number and colour. While placing the bet stakes with different colours for different amounts are displayed  on the board. Player can place multiple bets for one roll but have to careful while placing the bet. Once the bet amount is placed and the bet is placed press the spin button. The ball spins in a roulette wheel and falls into one of the numbers. If the layer predicted the right amount means the player won the bet. After every bet, we can reset the bet amount and can start a fresh game. If any misplacement of bet happens player can undo the bet amount before the wheel spins. Once after understanding the game player can easily win the amount.

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