How easy is it to pull a king of play hand?

The kind of play is known as simply nothing play a kind of poker hand that has five cards and not every of the card is from the same suit with the same rank. For an example queen of hearts, jack of hearts, nine of clubs, seven of diamonds, three of spades (the kind of patter will such be called as high card queen or queen-jack high or queen high). There is an under ace to five low rule that means a straight flush, flushes or straight will not be recognized in the play, a hand that is in this kind of category are also considered as high card hands. This although will be ranked below one pair.

With the hand of high card king play, there will be about 1,302,540 possibilities of playing with a high card hand that can bring a player victory as it keeps a player one step ahead in the game. It is necessary to know about the possible hands, if a person knows about the every possible or at least the popular hand there will be chances of winning the game.

A perfect example to clear all the confusions:

For an instance there are five cards with different values like king of spades, six of clubs, five of hearts, three of diamonds and two of clubs that ranks higher than the queen of spades, jack of diamonds, six of clubs, five of hearts and three of clubs ranking higher than the queen of spades, tens of diamonds, eight of clubs, seven of diamonds and four of spades that ranks higher than the queen of hearts, tens of diamonds, seven of spades, five of spades and two of hearts.

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