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These types are based on missions that focus on combat or involve trying to avoid jail time or assassination. As a category, action games probably have the highest number of subtypes among video games.

The action category consists of several subtypes such as brawling, shooting and platformer, which are generally considered the juiciest action games, although some immediate action strategies are also considered action games.


The shooter category includes a character crossing dangerous environment in search of bad guys. First-person shooters demonstrate the environment through the perception of a character with a weapon; the role (the full body of which you cannot see) is played by the player. In third-person shooter games, the difference is that the player sees his role move while the players use the controller. Popular examples from the shooting games category include Halo, Call of Duty, and Resident Evil.

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Competitive wrestling

These types of games are entirely based on competitive combat, which involves one-on-one combat between two or more characters, one or more of which can be computer controlled. Some examples are Mortal Kombat, Virtaa Fighter, and SoulCalibur.


The platform category includes traveling, running and then jumping between stages and obstacles to avoid getting hit and reaching the goal, Super Mario Bros., the best-selling video game of all time, first released in 1985, is a good example. known. The most recent discoveries are in

Action games usually require fast, powerful computers with a lot of memory. Please read the requirements for the structure of the gaming network before registering on the site. Also read your pricing system carefully. Some sites are completely free; others charge a one-time fee. Some have a subscription fee; others have only paid features. Some offer a set number of hours of free play. On some gaming sites that rank players, other players of your level will find you.

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