Free Online Poker Guide To The Art Of Winning By Keeping Poker Simple

At the free online poker sites, you will find good, bad and really stupid players, although maybe some of the last 2 on free sites are more than at the table in Monaco with a $ 5,000 buy-in!

Well, bad, stupid, regardless of whether there is any style of play that you must adopt in order to successfully play against all of them, and that is KISS, or rather, “Stay simple or direct”; o KISS – Be easier against stupid players!

Let’s see some examples:

 For example, with A-10, would you dare to face a strong player on the A-8-3 flop? Yes, of course, if it’s free poker at, but what if there’s a lot of money on the table?

You can simply call, call or bet, and hope that you do not play much. Because Because if you are a strong player, you can bet on an A-K or an ace with a stronger kicker. If he goes with everything, you know what to do. Run and wait until you get an A-K or maybe a set. Here you are ready to reflect. Do you really have an A-K? Or simply J-J, with whom he is ready for an autopsy, but he does not want to pay with a big increase? Or maybe 8-7, because he thinks my bet on the flop is just a continuation of the bet, and he calls? But against five or six weak players you may have to ask the same questions five or six times. Do you really have? -? (for player 1). Do you really have? -? (for player 2) … or alone? -? (for player 3) … and so on, until your mind runs out, and you’re finally eliminated with someone holding A-8. These are at least three others.

Let’s look at a different situation with plate 5-6-J-Q-8

You have K-Q A strong player probably has A-Q or K-K, or J-10, or something special, for example, 7-4 (usually fits). You can also reset your K-Q at the end or just make a small bet on the river. But at least you can put your opponent strong in your hand or in several hands. But with five or six weak players you have to be careful. It is possible that they have better hands, but since they are weak, there will be more complements, such as 8-5, J-5, Q-8 or even Q-5, and all this will increase the possibility that their KQ will be exceeded.

Make a small bet on the river (because with many callers you have a good chance of winning). But when someone breaks down, it’s a signal. Double your K-Q. With what hand can they do everything? If the player is strong, you may have a clue. But with a weak player you do not do it.

Why go to war if you do not know what you’re trying to win?

A strong player is ready to play stronger hands than the weaker ones. He is ready to play the A-K more often than the A-8 in his life, although the frequency of the game is not the key to how he plays the hands in particular. It remains unpredictable. But you expect him to double A-8 more often than A-K. But weak players do not know which hands are playing. They will play J-5 as easily as A-K. Therefore, play with them, because you can not put them in your hand, because they do not even know yours, just show them a good enough hand. Two pairs or more is more desirable. In the previous example A-10, you will be satisfied 3-3. Second, I would like you to have 7-4 or 10-9, before acting recklessly.

And, if you simply do not play a free poker game, do not try to do sophisticated maneuvers, like the all-inclusive. On board 5-6-J-Q-8, do not go all-in with AK. Even with two weak opponents, they simply call you with K-Q, like with 6-4, J-9 or even 3-3. They do not know the difference between them. If they have something, they will be ready to take him to death. So make your something stronger than them, and instead, take it to death. No bluffs there is no suspicious bluff.

Free online poker guide for player types and table positions

Here are some poker online tips that would like to share with you. We will see the different styles of players and how to treat them, the importance of the position on the table and the ways of playing in each position.


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