Common Online Poker Mistakes

There are a number of common mistakes that both beginners and experienced poker players make when playing online poker. Anyone who wants to succeed in this game must practice certain strategies in order to win more banks and, ultimately, games and tournaments. Learning to avoid these common mistakes is the key to gaining an edge over your opponents.


Winning a poker game is a skill and an element of luck; however, you also need a lot of patience and concentration. It is absolutely necessary that you focus on the details and on what happens in the game. What is the old saying? The devil is in the details and is never more truthful when playing agen poker terpercaya, whether online or offline.

When you are distracted, you tend to stop using your skills and leave everything as it is. If you are a beginner, you must learn to handle more than 3-4 games at a time; this can be done in many online poker rooms, especially in the rooms of the Cryptologic network with their professional viewing system. In addition, be sure to avoid the usual distractions of telephone, radio and television while playing. You may not see that important message or the same opponent movement that you could use to knock him off his feet.

Using auto play features:

The main function of the autoplay button is to speed up the game, which means that more hands fall in the room and thus you earn more money. When using this button, be aware that it is used at the expense of your poker chips. In online poker, players are often far away from each other, and some of the only clues in this game are how long it takes a player to act on his hand.

  • Delay in control: weakness
  • Instant check: weakness
  • Instant Challenge: Power

Quick bet: power

The first material is devoted to understanding the psychology of this game, but the other three are based on the buttons of the auto game. Pressing the auto check button, when you have a weak hand, will convey your weakness.

online poker players

Too much talking:

There are many online poker players who talk a lot, because, in their opinion, this will not be a warning. They do not understand that, in addition to using the auto run button, conversations can be the biggest “sign” of online poker. So stay in place and ignore the brightness of the table, it will only distract.

Never make enemies in poker:

Try not to make enemies in this game, because it is not a good idea. Try not to say something to your opponents when you win the pot, but just drag the chips. Do not complain when you lose the game, because making enemies means you will be shot.

To show cards:

Showing your cards can be considered a mistake in online poker, it can be considered a bad thing, and people should never do it, of course, if they have not done everything and they have no other choice. But if you show that you can annoy other people and that they can often shoot at you, just shoot them every time and keep playing. These were people who could never know whether you were crazy or you were cheating hell!